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I had a great time on the show today, thank you again for having me! My apologies, by the way, for being abrupt there at the end. Related: You know the ’time-out’ sign I gave? I don’t know if you saw the first time I did it, but I only mention it in case you need to find it for editing. (You were speaking, and said “3 more questions” and I put my hands up.)

Again— great conversation, abd I really appreciate you taking the time. Have a great rest of the week!

Talk soon-


Nathan A. Perez
Executive Career & Job-Search Coach
Career Innovation, LLC.
Nathan@ 20mnm. com
Speaker site / / Nathan on LinkedIn

That was fun thanks..

Dr. Marissa aka ‘The Asian Oprah’

Happiness Coach, Celebrity Host, Motivational Speaker,

Corporate Psychologist, #1 Bestselling Author,

and your Branding Buddy




For a Complimentary Got Happy? Assessment schedule at

Hi Richard, I hope you are doing well and are feeling good. How is your four legged friend doing? Hopefully he is well and good news abounds ha ha!

I received the link to our interview. Thank you, it sounds great and was fun! I can't find the Youtube channel one though, is it not out yet? If you could send the link to it that would be great.

If there are any other pages / sites of yours you'd like me to Follow or like please let me know. Here are my links. If you feel so inclined to follow, like etc, that would be a beautiful thing.






Thanks Richard, it has been great meeting you and getting to know you. Tobe continued!
Much love,

An Extraordinary Life
Live a Life You Love to Live!

Thank you Richard. I found it a very moving session.

I ve already asked our E.D., to do what we can on precisely what you’ve asked below.



Good morning Richard, how is your dog doing? I hope he's doing well- and you're caught up on your sleep ha ha!

Thanks for a great interview, I really enjoyed it, hopefully your audience will too. I'm pretty sure you sent me a link to the interview, but I can't seem to find it!? Could you resend it to me- and whatever other links / pages you'd like me to follow / like as well?

Thanks Richard, have a great day!


Hi Richard,

Thank you again for having me back on your show. I hope you receive a good response from our interview. I will record the material that we spoke about and will get that out to you the first of the week. If you have the opportunity find and watch the movie Defending Your Life if you haven’t seen it. It has Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep in it. It is a movie concerning reincarnation with an excellent ending. If you have Amazon Prime you should be able to get it there. If not you’ll have to go old school and call your local library to see if they have it on DVD.

Attached are two more messages from Volume Two of An Angel Told Me So. The first message received in September of 1983 is interesting as the spirit teacher presenting the message repeatedly references himself as. When a singular I is used it really stands out. There was no signature given for this message. The message received in October of 1983 was the following message. Print these. Both of these are high teachings that you will read more than once.

Let me know what you think about the material I send you once you get a chance to view it.

Michael McAdams

Hi, Richard, I will put this in my next newsletter for support of your station and mention about the interview that was done and in this newsletter.

Do you like Rock and Roll? Do you enjoy a good story? Wish You Were Here: A Rock Fantasy, a story inspired by Badfinger will not only enthrall you but entertain you.

This is totally awesome! Watch now!

Richard, thanks for having Kenny and I on your show. I’ve copied him here so you’ll have his email address.

If you had Kenny back on a future show, he could entertain your listeners for an hour just telling stories. There is a list of some of them in the suggested interview questions I sent you this morning. But he has a hundred more.

Paul Smith,
Author and Business Storytelling Coach


My books:
The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell
Four Days with Kenny Tedford
Lead with a Story (Amazon #1 Bestseller in Business Communication)
Sell with a Story (Amazon #1 Bestseller in Sales and Selling)
Parenting with a Story

Hi Richard, that was a wonderful conversation with you today and i just want to say thank you very much for all of it……
it is so interesting to hear about your experience and to listen to your really great questions and try to answer some of them! I enjoyed it immensely

be well
Ireland will welcome you whenever you arrive!


light heals ~
love moves light ~

Thank you Richard for the video. You have a true gift for making your guests feel relaxed and at ease. Thank you for letting me share my story.

Many blessings.


Thanks Richard for the recording of the interview. Can I also get a copy of the video recording? I enjoyed our conversation and appreciated the opportunity to share my story with your audience.


Thanks so much Richard.

I'll spread the word about your fundraising as much as I can. Yes, it was wonderful speaking with you today and we'd love to come on your show again one day.

I'll post your links on our website and via our social media. I'm also happy to put the video version up on YouTube, if you'd like me to.

Let us know when the radio show version airs.

Big love!
Tahnee :)

Dear Richard,

Thank you so much for the conversation this morning… There is much more content to empower the audience and inspire a transformative mindset.
I am grateful for your great work to create a positive impact on our community.

I am happy grateful to contribute and support your broadcast and will encourage many to do so.

See you next episode, the Currency of Gratitude.


Dr. Aimon Kopera, the Mystic MD

thank you so much Richard, that was a great pleasure

just a note - please check the spelling of Skye - below it is Skey…quite a different word!!!

i look forward to speaking with you again…and if there is anything i can offer you personally, it’s on the house

bright blessings

and yes - i will pass on your need for support
and i will get amazon to send you a copy of the bee book….on me

light heals ~
love moves light ~
sound shapes ~


well that is great Richard …all of that!

yes of course i would love the opportunity to be on your show again and October 8th at 8.30am your time is great with me… i will have plenty of time to figure out the mic situation here…do you happen to have a recommendation? i use an apple desk top…but i can work that one out….

re the specifics, i can send a short list, once we pick the topic….shall we go to the Bees?
once you have time to read the book you will have questions i’m sure…and we can talk about the hive design of course…..

i am enjoying you and your style…. and my guides are happy that i am finally really talking!!!

more soon...

light heals ~
love moves light ~
sound shapes ~

Thanks Richard,

Great talking with you. Best wishes for the remainder of the summer and beyond.

Got it.
Thank you, Richard!
I forwarded this to my marketing team and they will be posting and sharing.
Have a great evening!


Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Wellness Expert
Certified High Performance™ Success Coach
CEO & Founder of SanaView
(724) 417-6695

wonderful interview. all my thanks.
see you again soon.
with warmth and oomph--howard

hi, richard,

i just posted the url to my faithful 15 k.
a huge thanks.
see you again soon.

with warmth and oomph--howard

Hi Richard,

Thank you so much for sharing the links and I will share the information regarding supporting your show. Thank you again for your time and continue having a terrific Tuesday too!

Hi Richard,
What a powerful show!! Let’s keep the momentum going and book our part 2 soon. I think people will like having a follow conversation.

I will actually make a donation to your radio program, your incredible and people deserve to have your Soul support!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Peace be with you,


Hi Richard,

Just left you a message.
I really enjoyed our conversation.

Thanks for your involvement and insight during our interview.

I'm excited to see how we can make mountains move and choices heard.

Let me know when you're available for our next inspiration!


Leadership Speaker - Executive Development - CEO Coach
Author of the forthcoming book,
A Foundation for Being a GOOD Example!

Hi Richard,

How are you doing over in Santa Barbara? I’m loving your radio show and I share the episodes with friends who are on a health and wellness journey. Did you still want to set up a time for me to come on the show again? Please let me know.



Dr. Amy Novotny


Great show yesterday, I've done many interviews over the past twenty years, you're at the top...the time flew.


Joe Luciani

Thank you again for the opportunity to be your guest today and thank you for the links. I will definitely post to my social media and website the next day or two.
Hope to meet you in person when we can all move around a bit more!

Best regards,

Richard, thanks for having me on your show. Best of luck with everything.

Elizabeth Englander


Had a great time yesterday.

Let me know if I can serve you.

I'm gonna look you up when I drive through Santa Barbara in my pickup truck....

Charles W. Page, M.D., FACS

Hi Richard!

How are you doing? I really enjoyed your podcast that was launched May 9 with Kathy Gruver about health and wellbeing during the Covid-19. I enjoyed your story of how kind you were to your wife during this time. It’s so important to have that support from loved ones when things change so suddenly and can be a detriment to our lives and livelihoods. I hope you are keeping up on your breathing during this time! Just wanted to reach out and let you know how much I appreciated that podcast episode.



Dr. Amy Novotny

Thank you, Richard! It was great being on your show. We had a great time. It would be nice to be on again sometime!

Take care,

Charlie & Bernie

Hi Richard

I contributed $**.** through paypal last week.
I love what you are doing

In Love and Oneness

Thank you Richard,

The interview was amazing very uplifting.

In Love and Oneness

Hi Richard,

Thank you for a great interview. I enjoyed speaking with you.

All my best, Joanna

Wow that was fast! Thank you for having me on your program. Let's definitely keep in touch and hopefully we'll be able to do this again. It was also great hearing from you after all these years.
Take care.


Hi Richard,

Thanks again for the opportunity to interview with you.
Thanks also for the links.
Enjoy a Blessed Easter weekend,


Thank you, Richard. As before, I enjoyed our conversation and will admit that I didn't even realize you were recording the first time we talked.

Should we do another interview, I think it would be good to direct the topic more toward literature. We think in thoughts and the vocabulary we have and the literature we read frame and inform our thoughts. That ties strongly into fiction, especially the romance genre. I can (and sometimes do) expound upon that, usually to the tune of respect: respect for self and respect for others.

Best regards,

Karen M. Smith

Hen House Publishing
(937) 964-5592

Every word counts.

Thank you so much for interview me! I will share the links when I get a chance!!!


Hi Richard,

Thank you so much for having me on your radio show - I hope we helped people!

Catherine Carrigan

Thank you so much Richard! I will include links in my May newsletter after it's gone live, and include the request for support as well. I really appreciate the interview!


Thank you Richard for having me on our show.
Of course, I love your theme, "Tell Me Your Story"
I enjoyed the interview. Will pass it on.

I would be happy to do another interview at some time.
I wanted to check with you, are you more interested in interviewing someone because they believe in Jesus Christ or because they have a significant story. If it is the latter, I have someone I would like to refer you to. Her book, "Cancer Saved My Life" is not only a cancer survivor, 2 or 3 times but has survived many things and trained with someone from Dancing with the Stars. Amazing story.

Her dream is to help others rise above whatever hard things they are going through. Also has 14,000+ Instagram followers.
She also lives in Santa Barbara so you may be able have her join you for a live show.

Let me know and I will get in touch with her.

Thanks again,

Thank you Richard. I really appreciated the opportunity to speak. I’ll make sure to post.


Hi Richard,

Thank you so much for your help. I really did enjoy speaking to you.
The Lord has touched my heart to donate 70 USD to your ministry. I have sent the donation through Pay pal.
I will keep in touch from time to time.

Stay blessed


Hi Richard, Thank you SO much for listening to Unlimited Intuition Now! That is one of my favorite of all my books - I listen to the prayers from that book all the time.
Holly Parsons is my narrator and is very talented - I am lucky to have her. We are working on hopefully finishing up the audiobook for Reading the Soul.

YES, I would love to record a show with you about Unlimited Intuition Now. Please let me know when you would like to schedule!!!!

Catherine Carrigan

Hello, again, Richard.

I wanted to let you know that I just sent out the email below to my community of 1400 listeners & mystics.

I also wanted to you to have the link to your page on my website.

I have all the discounted stuff for your people, but what else may I do to drive traffic your way?

Let me know if you want me to post your pic/logo to the page too so your people know they are in the right place for the Freebies.

Have a great week,

I really enjoyed our conversation and your approach. Other than passing on information, how else can I help you?
Any interest in additional interviews with interesting people or my doing anything else to help?

Douglas W. Brooks

Thank you so much Richard!  It was a really fun interview and I am grateful for the opportunity.

Take care and keep up the good work.


Thank you so much for your support Richard! I love your 2020 ad! Cheers to it and your successful show!

Best wishes,

Joni and Rio


Thank you so very much for having me on your show! It was so nice and fun to speak with you, a fellow dog lover! I can't thank you enough, and I'd be glad to come back again some day. What a gorgeous shepherd dog Angus is! He looks so sweet (though I can see how people would be intimidated by this gorgeous big shepherd boy)! People who have not been around dogs much are intimidated even by sweet much smaller Rio. There is nothing like a shepherd ... so beautiful, smart, such loyal friends ...

Wishing you all the best, a joyful and successful 2020 and lots of that clear 2020 vision!

best regards,

joni and Rio

Hi Richard,

Wow! Thank you for an amazing conversation today. I really enjoyed our discussion. I look forward to working with you again!

Sincerely, Peggy Linsey\

Hi Richard, I enjoyed our interview too - it's interesting and fun to talk with a host who thinks in the expansive way you do! That's what our society needs more of - so I've sent my donation in support of your program (I know it's can be awkward to ask for support!). And sure, it would be great to talk with you again in a few months as you said, so keep my name on your list. In the meantime, sending you all the best!


Dear Richard,

Thanks so much for the interview today. I appreciate your time and attention, and I wish you continuing success in your mind and heart-expanding endeavors.

Kindly yours,

Tanya Zabinski
357 Old Glenwood Rd.
West Falls, NY 14170


I really enjoyed our conversation and your approach. Other than passing on information, how else can I help you?
Any interest in additional interviews with interesting people or my doing anything else to help?

Douglas W. Brooks

Hi Richard,

I’m so happy you enjoyed your time with Yoichi and thank you for inviting him back on your show. Please provide some possible dates and times in January for me to share with Yoichi and will confirm his availability.

Thank you for providing the links to Yoichi’s interview and your show and can you please confirm when you will be airing Yoichi’s episode?

Also, with regards to contributions for your broadcast, I will share the information in hopes of getting some monetary support for the show.

Thank you again and have an amazing weekend too!


Angela Acquaviva

O: (661)-255-8283
Email Signature Logo SMALLER

Hi Richard,

Thank you for having me on your wonderful show yesterday.

I look forwarding to hearing the broadcast and putting it on our website.

Thanks again!


Hi Richard,

Thanks for working with me today.   I was so happy to see you start to feel a difference in your body.   Please be patient with yourself and remember that the more you practice (short sessions of a couple minutes), the more you will begin to sense parts of your body and how to reposition it to allow for more natural movements.  Any little bit helps, but do not add pressure or stress to you.  If you skip an exercise session, that’s ok and don’t stress about it.  :-). Here is the exercise sheet for you.  Please let me know if you have any questions. 



Dr. Amy Novotny

Hi, Richard:

Thank you so much for the wonderful interview! I enjoyed our chat very much.


Thanks Richard; Great chat and thanks for having me on the show.
Thanks Richard.
Really enjoyed it! Happy to do another one in future. Just let me know.
Fred Grover Jr.
Hey Richard,

Great show today thanks for for having me on… here his the link I promised.

James Purpura / Co-Founder

Hi Richard,

Thank you so much for such a wonderful conversation last week. It was a thrill to spend time with you over the airways and to be asked such fabulous questions, we could have spent an hour just on one of them.
My apologies for being rather tardy to reply. I’ve been in a recording studio for four days narrating the audiobook version of my book. It’s been great to do but I’ve been little slower getting around to other work.

Many thanks and sending you all good wishes!

Sarah Mane
Author, Speaker, Radio Host
Creator of Conscious Confidence - pre-order the book today!
Barnes & Noble
Inner Traditions
Indie Bound
Wonderful chat, Richard - thank you!

BE Inspired!



Hi Richard,

Thank you so much for the interview today. The time went by so quickly because your questions were so interesting.
I hope I did not shock your audience with my "poop to pudding" analogy.

My husband, Peter Canova, would love to be a guest on your show to talk about the two new awards he won on The First Souls Trilogy, one of which is Pope Annalisa.
His email is and I am CCing him on this email so he has your information.

Thank you again for all you are doing to promote Chaos to Clarity. I think YOU should be in our next book because your life is so full of positive Transformation and Hope.

Thanks a million,

Kathleen (Kat) O'Keefe-Kanavos /
TV/Radio Ho st/Producer & Nautilus Award-winning Author
Dreams That Can Save Your Life: Early Warning Signs of Cancer and Other Diseases
Dreaming Healing Show Host on
International Syndicated Columnist BIZCATALYST360
Wicked Housewives On Cape Cod™ TV/Radio
Host, Nautilus Book Awards Author Spotlight
Co-host, Dreams Unzipped, 1150AM KKNW Alternative Talk Radio
Host & Exec Producer, Kat Kanavos Show on New Earth International


Thank you so much for a wonderful conversation.

I enjoyed exploring transformation and life experiences together.

Sending you warm wishes,

Ana Levin
Trust in the Power of your Heart.

Hi Richard!

I had such a great tie and am delighted to play again. Thank you! for inviting me!

Thank you!

I was getting some quote ready for my emails "Sparks of Divine Inspiration." These are quotes from my books that I share as energy blessings for my community.

This one is very synchronous with our interview!

"Destiny is an agreement to participate in a specific series of events."
Are we having fun!!!

Many blessings,


Thanks for this, Richard. I very much enjoyed our conversation. You have a gift for podcasting/interviewing!


Von meinem MacBook Air gesendet

Thanks so much, Richard. I really enjoy chatting with you! You asked some great questions.



Thanks so much for these links, and the air date. I’ll put them on my websites as soon as I get this current book out to the book manufacturer.


Author Nanci Danison

Thank you very much for the podcasts!
It was a great time!

I’ll be in touch.
Regards, Ted

Hi Richard

Thanks for sending over the links.

I enjoyed our conversation and January 9th 2020 is in the diary. J

I am not currently in a position to contribute financially to your great Radio Show.

Be well and stay blessed…


Hi Richard

In your previous email I declined your invitation to Donate $75.00.

Cash flow has been a little tight of late but my decision kept niggling at me and ultimately did not feel in alignment. Things don’t have to be black and white ie yes or no and so I have donated a little magic number.

I know it’s not much but if everyone gives a little it adds up!

I am sure you will get where I am coming from.

See you next year…



That was so much fun! Thank you so much for having me. Let’s check in later this year!

Nina G

Comedian, Author, Professional Speaker
Stutterer Interrupted: The comedian Who Almost Didn’t Happen!


Thanks a lot for having me on the show! I really enjoyed it as well.
I’ll be back in California at the beginning of November and if you want we could even meet in Santa Barbara.
I’ll share your appeal for support through my channels and will ask my American publisher, Inner Traditions to do the same.

All the best,

Hi Richard

It was great to talk yesterday.And maybe we could schedule another for in a few months’ time?

Thank you for all the links!
I will promote our conversation and your show with my audience shortly.

It was great to talk and I look forward to Part 2.
Wednesday 18th September is in the diary.
Be well!



Hey Richard,

Hope you are well. Just want to let you know that I have shared the link of our radio show interview with about a dozen well-educated friends and received basically the same feedback from them all. I hope you don’t mind me sharing this with you without asking your permission first. These people liked the show. Yet everyone thought that the interviewer spoke way too long to the point they were disinclined to continue to listen to the show. They said that short statements and questions—and answers—lend themselves to a more vibrant and engaging listener experience.

Thank you for being open to this feedback.

Have a spectacular weekend!

Neal Grace

Hey Richard!

You are a consummate professional—and I so do appreciate that! Also remember, that everything we do is a work in progress. We are all evolving to higher places of consciousness. But remember to always enjoy the process in every moment along the way!!!

Best regards!!!


Hey Richard, thanks again for the podcast interview, I really enjoyed it and what you are doing on purpose. I wanted to follow up with you to see if you had a chance to review my book. As you know I am trying to make the world a better place by people living on purpose with purpose so I would appreciate you leaving an amazon book review.

Craig C. Sroda
Business & Technology Consultant | Author | Certified Life Planner | Executive Forums Facilitator | Strengths Coach

Good morning Richard,

Thank you again for the interview on Wednesday. I had a lot of fun and put it on social media and my website. I wrote up and little about you and your show and put links to your website up as well. I’m looking forward to helping you in August!

Take care,

Amy Novotny

Thank you for sending the link to download the interview. I have uploaded it to my website to share and will add your website and info to it as well. Can you let me know when you have it on your site? I’ll then finalize it and post it on all my social media sites and send to my followers. Thank you so much for the interview. That was a lot of fun.


Hi Richard,

Thanks again for the interview. Please note that there's a typo on the title "culturres" on the podcasts online.


Si jie

Hi Richard,

Thank you for the links and a great interview. I’ll be happy to share your radio program information and I sent a donation. I’m looking forward to connecting again in the near future.

Take care and have an outstanding weekend!


Richard, Ditto to Fred’s comments.

I need to listen to the interview again, because YOU added so much rich content. And I need to listen and think about your final 3 questions, very worthwhile. Also, thanks for sharing your own incredible journey…Steve.

I hope you have a chance to check out our book website,….stay tuned. Steve.

Steven W. Reifman
Attorney & Counselor at Law

Hello Richard,

Thank you once again for the nice interview we had with you on Wednesday. It was an honor to share such a wide-ranging discussion with you on a host of topics.

Actually I felt we got more than we bargained for or was prepared for. You are a very good interviewer. I was prepared to talk about the characters and scenes in the book as well as some quotes. Some of your questions were quite challenging to come up with quick responses on the spot. You drove us deeper, with your interview style, into considering the human condition of living a life as it relates to philosophy, religion, spirituality, purpose, morality, being a good world citizen, and loving life. So we ended up talking about much more than just the mere book of "Wanderer."

Richard, we really enjoyed our time with you. Hopefully we can meet at your studio sometime in the future and continue the lively discussion. Peace be with you!

Kind Regards,
F.T. Burke
( & Steve Reifman )

Hi Richard,

Thank you for sending me the link to the interview. I will definitely sit down and listen to it this weekend. Thank you for everything.


Sharene Bray
Ascot Media Group, Inc.
P.O. Box 2394
Friendswood, TX 77549
281.738.7599 Direct
281.333.3507 Main
832.569.5539 Fax

Thanks very much, Richard, I enjoyed our discussion and would be open to a future show if workable.

All best, and if I can I'll try to pick up the show when it broadcasts May 19. Can I access it in SF on radio?

Kirk Schneider, Ph.D.,
President, the Existential-Humanistic Institute:;
Past President, Society for Humanistic Psychology, APA;
Adjunct Faculty, Saybrook University and Teachers College, Columbia University;
Twitter: or
Author of The Spirituality of Awe: Challenges to the Robotic Revolution Revised,
THE POLARIZED MIND: Why it's killing us and what we can do about it;
The Wiley World Handbook of Existential Therapy


The amount of people you are helping with all you having been doing is wonderful, thank you!! I work with someone that is very much in alignment with your message and wanted to reach out about working together, perhaps on your radio show as suggested by Pamela Oslie. David Strickel channels a group of non-physical entities that he calls the Stream. The Stream has grown significantly in popularity in just one year. People who follow the teachings of Abraham, Wayne Dyer and other popular spiritual leaders love the Stream’s clear, concise and loving message. David would be a great guest and I know your audience would enjoy the conversation.

Please let me know how thoughts and how he can serve you and your audience, he is here to share this amazing, unique message with all who are vibrationally aligned with it. David also offers an eight-week Tya™ Bootcamp program, he could promote that at your discretion and is happy to discuss an affiliation for clients that are acquired from his appearance on your show if that is of interest and could be discussed further. The main goal is to make a difference in the world and to change lives daily.

Appreciate you so much Richard, have a fabulous day!


Stephanie Pitman, MBA
Public Relations Director | David Strickel Media, LLC
David Strickel One Sheet

Hi Richard,

Thanks for a really interesting interview! Look forward to staying in touch. I will make a contribution to your show.

Next fall would be great. I would love that. Thanks!

I was trying to remember what you said about coincidences. Did you refer to them as co-incidents?

All the best,

Thank you Richard for ALL your support… I will forward and thank you so much again!


Stephanie Moore

Author, The Gifted Journey: Five Transformative Steps to Uncovering Your Unique Path

(925) 980-7774

Thanks for a great interview, Richard. Hope to do it again!


Dr. Steve
Check out International Keynote Speaker & Trainer Steve Taubman
Thank you Richard! It was great to speak with you today.
I’ll look forward to sharing our conversation with our community on March 24th.

Have a great week!

In Joy-

Ani Anderson, CEO, NEW Health Inc.

Best Selling Author, Find Your Souls Agenda

Hi Richard,

Thank you so much for having me as a guest on your show. You are an awesome host.
I will be sharing the links on my social media pages.

Thanks a million,

Got the file, Richard, thank you.
Good interview. You asked many very good questions.



you are amazing.
i just received the download of the show.
thank you so much
i will post it in my social media and ask people to support the work that you are doing.

i would love to be on your show again and continue the conversation and also open the conversation to see how we can work together to grow what you are doing and what i am doing as well.
we are connected my friend.
if you are interested, lets have a conversation offline to see where this connection might take us.

so much for having me on your show and for the gift of getting to know you even a little bit
and on that note, i would love to find a time when we could come to santa barbara to do a show in studio but even more than that to get to know you more.

you are a gift, and i thank you for sharing yourself with me.

big Big, BIG LOVE,


Hi Richard,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell some of my story today. That was great fun and the time seemed to fly by! I was interested in your stories as well. The only thing I missed was being able to look at you instead of seeing myself! So you may have noticed I was focused on your photograph much of the time!

Thank you for promoting my book on your show and your interest in another interview. I look forward to that.

All blessings,

Hi Richard,

It was such a pleasure meeting you. And I truly enjoyed connecting with you on your shower! You provided such interesting and thought-provoking questions.


Rebecca Whitman


it was a pleasure and fun being on your show,"Tell Me your Story",You are a brilliant host and a great human being.


Dr. Richard London

Dear Mr. Richard Dugan,

On behalf of Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, he'd like to personally thank you for the time and consideration that was taken with him before, during, and after your radio talk show interview that was held Thursday, September 27, 2018.
He thoroughly enjoyed meeting and interacting with you and found your radio show to be very informative and insightful. The ease and comfort felt during the interview was very palpable and for this he is also appreciative.
He wishes you continued blessings and great success with your radio talk show and would love to keep in touch.
A heartfelt thank you from Dr. Jaffe and his staff.

Warm Regards,

Bianca Jannah Guerra
Executive Director
Dr. Jaffe MD Inc.

Hello Richard,

Thanks for the fine interview today (January 23, 2010). Please send us a link to the podcast on your site so we can link to it on ours.
Hope to meet you sometime soon,


Hi Richard,


I absolutely loved our show together. Thank you again with all my heart and soul for the honor of being your guest. You are such a genius thinker that you bring out the best in your guests (hey, that rhymes!) and you certainly held that space for me. The most fun part for me is to engage in conversation that expands us in the moment on a wide range of topics. That happened in perfect synchronicity. Very cool.Thanks again for a wonderful experience - and also for sending the link to the show, Richard.
Let’s stay in touch.All the best and love,


Hi Richard,

I was scrolling thru my sent emails and am just now realizing I never sent you a BIG thank you for the interview last Tues. It was so fun connecting and conversing with you. That interview was a real kick. I appreciate your style and knowledge base, as well as all your excellent questions!
Thank you also for working so easily with my publicist on the whole link issue.

Warm regards,
LouAnne Ludwig

Hi Richard

I want to thank you again for having me on your show to talk about my book, From Chaos to Clarity: Getting Unstuck & Creating a Life You Love, earlier this week.

I really enjoyed it and the fantastic energy you bring to the program!
As you probably know, I’m a first time author and I’m always looking for opportunities to promote my book.
So I was wondering if there’s anyone you would recommend for me to contact – maybe other shows or hosts that share your style and zest for life?

Warmest regards and thanks again!


Dear Richard,
My husband and I listened to the whole program (sa a guest on May 7, 2011) last night and I must say we were blown away. Your questions were so deep and thought-provoking, and the whole effort was really impressive. It’s rare to have an opportunity and luxury of such an extended period of time to plumb the depths of one’s emotions about music and what it does for the soul. And yet there were things we did not have a chance to probe, like the role of music in my screenwriting, which I would love to address in a possible future interview.
 In any case, thanks so much for this wonderful experience. It is a pleasure and honor to be associated with you!’s so gratifying to know how you feel. Music, I realized as I was thinking afterwards, is the breath of life for me. It was such an epiphany, and I plan to make it my mantra for the foreseeable future.

I can’t wait to talk further about music and its all-important effect on the human condition.

Award winning Author and Screenwriter:
Travels With My Lovers
FourEver Friends
Murder In The Pit

I have another interview today for a podcast.

I listened to ours two or three times last night, and I loved it! ...... but overall ..... I think we had a genuine and pure give and take, not like others I've done. I love your warm and easy-going style, and you definitely have a knack for storytelling and putting your guests at ease. I appreciate your genuine interest in the people you interview.

Thank you for your kind invitation to visit the station. I'd love to do so when I can hand deliver your copy of "My Mommy Is a Butterfly" (probably in July). We definitely have a lot of common interests that we can talk about.

Thank you, again, for the opportunity to be on your show. Many blessings to you and your family!
Dear Richard,

Thank you so much for the great interview! I look forward to the next one and yes! Spirit Traveler! If you get a chance watch Episode 3 of Great Minds on GAIA TV where I am featured with my work!

Much love,

Sonja Grace

Hi Richard,

I really enjoyed our conversation today. Thanks so much for having me on your show! You're a talented host and you ask a lot of great questions-- many I'd never had before so that keeps it interesting for me. :) Thanks for sharing my work and my program with your listeners.

I still have your show's song in my head! Let me know if you'd ever like to do another show on another topic. Sounds like there is a lot we could talk about!

All the best,

Certified Health Coach & Life Reinvention Expert

Hi Richard,

I'm right now listening to your interview from today. What a wonderful interview! I loved the questions you asked, especially about what wealth really means to us individually and how we value ourselves.

Great job! I know I'll enjoy the interview with you..(March 13, 2010)..your so relaxed and I know that will make me feel very comfortable.

I'm sure your audience will just keep expanding!

In Loving Service,

Debbie Johnson
Dear Richard

I was privilaged to be asked to do an interview with Richard Dugan on his radio show
Tell me your story - New Paradigms for a New World (January 30, 2010).
I got to tell a story and read a wonderful poem by Mary Oliver which absolutely lifts the heart.
So if you would like to put a voice to the writer who sends you the ezine Ready to Radiate then you can listen here.
I makes referance to Independance Day which was on 4th July the day on which this interview took place.

The interview is entitled
Anam cara


Tony Cuckson

Just wanted to thank you again for having me on your show, "Tell me your story"(September 25, 2010).  I had a fantastic time in meeting and talking with you about hoard of interesting things.


Jagdish C Maheshri, Ph.D.
Astro Insight


....Great show. I love the eclectic mix of people and viewpoints you present - unlike some other shows on the station which have a decidedly one-sided view point

Bruce McCormick

Hey there –

Just wanted to say hello and thank you for yesterday (November 13, 2010).
I had a great time and I feel it was the most thought-full interview I had ever had.
And I have had more traffic to my website than usual.

Beth McDonald
Psychic & Astrologer

Dear Richard:

I really enjoyed your interview with Marta Greenwood (October 23, 2010).  There was so much love expressed and the assurance of God's protecting care for each of His children.  We all need to feel and know God's love for us, and you both brought that out so beautifully.   And as Marta said, we can each find it in a way that is meaningful to us. 

Thank you again for the opportunity to hear about Christian Science and how it can be applied in one's life.

Jeanie Stine

Hey Richard,

That was great fun yesterday, thanks so much for having me on your show (February 14, 2009)!!



Many thanks for a wonderful interview experience. You are a gracious host. Thanks again for giving me a platform to speak with you and your audience about The Little Black Book of Suicide Notes .

Hope to continue the conversation on site one of these fine days.

Warmest regards,
Adele Paula Royce
Hey, Richard,

It was great talking to you (January 10, 2009) and I will certainly spread the word about your show!
Love to you and Amrita-

Hi Richard,

I'm still chuckling about Stephen Lewis' comment about "The Church of Richard" and your indirect comment about Ron.
Very funny. Lewis had some interesting stuff to say (November 3, 2007, October 4, 2008, April 25, 2009, March 26, 2011) . That's one of the reasons I enjoy listening to your show. I'm getting introduced to new folks.



I just heard the interview that you did with the Venus Project and I wanted to say it was a great show. I really enjoyed the conversation and I am very supportive of this proposed plan (February 13, 2010) to solve our basic problems. The thing I like the most about the Venus Projet is that they offer an infrastructure of highly efficient applied science that would allow for a system without money or barter.

Thank You and Great Job!

Hanel Acevedo


I want to thank you for today's interview, I so enjoyed our talk. It was a tremendous time together and I pray that the listeners will be drawn to Christ and to a deeper understanding of forgiveness.

Please pray for me as the feedback on the book has been tremendous - and the need for so many to be set free from unforgiveness is huge.

Thank you again for inviting me on your show..

Kim Chadwell

Dear Richard:

It was a joy to be a guest on your radio show the other day (January 15, 2011). I  appreciate very much the pre-interview time that we had. You're very  good at knowing how to word and pose questions that can elicit good  answers. We've been getting feedback from Ananda listeners stating  that this was by far the best radio show that I've participated in.  And many mention that this was in large part due to your interviewing  skills. Richard, I must say, you're very good at what you do.

Thank you very much for having me on your show and I look forward to  connecting with you again someday. I wish you all the best in the work  that you are doing to bring more joy into the world.

swami kriyananda

Dear Richard 

Thank you for having me on your show (October 23, 2010). I so enjoyed talking with you and learning from you.



Hi Richard,

Just a note of thanks for your excellent interview. You clearly understand how things really work-a rare thing in my experience. I'm sure you have interesting stories about how you acquired your insights.

As for the dark night of the soul, I don't think your path will take you down that difficult road this lifetime. Perhaps you've already been there- without the tee shirt to prove it.
Nonetheless, I wouldn't discount the importance of your media work now. It's not just words that you transmit,but transformative packets of energy that spread over the electronic media.Important.

As I mentioned, I was just out there to see grand babies and plan another trip in December if all goes well. Perhaps we can meet for another chat and a walk on the beach.

Vaya con Dios,
Richard House
Dear Richard,

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the opportunity to be on your wonderful show!
It was really a pleasure. You can save my email contact and then send me the link you want to for the show.
Thank you for all you provide for the many listeners you have and the many ways
in which you help us learn and raise consciousness!

Best regards,
Sherry Cormier