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September 9 7am Sherry Anshara The Anshara Method
September 9 7pm LouAnne Judwig A Journey Within
September 10 1am Patricia Brooks God is in the Little Things
September 16 7am Maralee McLean Prosecuted But Not Silenced
September 16 7pm May McCarthy The Gratitued Formula
September 17 1am Lee McCormick DREAMING HEAVEN
September 23 7am Lynda Shrager How to Have The Talk with Parents about Preparing for the Challenges of Aging
September 23 7pm Brian Falk Chinnese medicine
September 24 1am George & Dedena Cappannelli Do Not Go Quietly
September 30 7am Kristin Grayce McGary Ketogenic Cure
September 30 7pm Sindy Warren Radi8
October 1 1am One World Academy  
October 7 7am Vivian Nantel Become the Light
October 7 7pm Aaron Keith Hawkins Million Dollar Influence
October 8 1am Aila Accad The Call of the Soul
October 14 7am Brenda Raechel Humanity With Heart
October 14 7pm Kathy Kirk Well Done
October 15 1am Chris Atkins Your Hidden Riches
October 21 7am Julia Mossbridge The Premonition Code
October 21 7pm Sonja Grace Dancing with Raven and Bear A Book of Earth Medicine and Animal Magic
October 22 1am Richard Moss Inside out Healing
October 28 7am 1Kevin Murphy The Three Rooms
October 28 7pm Anil Gupta Immediate Happiness
October 29 1am