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September 15 7am Forrest Leichtberg The Consciousness Network
September 15 7pm Suzan Nguyen One Arm But Not Unarmed
September 16 1am Fredrick Brabson If The Shoe Fits
September 22 7am Jaime Parent Moving Past PTSD
September 22 7pm Donald Hricik Our Great Escape Part 2
September23 1am Stefanie Arend Yin Yoga
September 29 7am Stephen G Post God & Love On Route 80
September 29 7pm Keith Leon S Walking With My Angels
September 30 1am Jessica Joines Dare To Beleive
October 1 7am Dawn Marie Jordan Body Wisdom
October 1 7pm Dee Delaney The Truth Within Part 2
October 2 1am Nina G Stutterer Interrupted
October 8 7am Selene Calloni Williams The Mother Montra
October 8 7pm Jerri Curry One With The Light
October 9 1am Joey Nittolo The Space Between
October 15 7am Robert Freeman WOOF
October 15 7pm    
October 16 1am    
October 22 7am Julie Renee Doering The Divine Human Blueprint
October 22 7pm    
October 23 1am    
October 29 7am    
October 29 7pm    
October 30 1am