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April 23 Master Charles Cannon Living an Awakened Life - The Lessons of Love
April 30 Amelia Kinkade Whispers from the Wild: Listening to Voices from the Animal Kingdom
May 7 Dr Keith Kantor Aqua OH and more
May 14 Cynthia Waring Bodies Unbound

May 21

Jeanine Staples Ths Supreme Love Project
May 28 ACHARYA SHUNYA Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom
June 4 Nancy Yearout Wake Up
June 11 Edward Viljoen Ordinary Goodness
June 18 Jessica Zitter M.D.
Adele Paula Royce -
Extreme Measure
The Little Black Book of Suicide Notes
June 25

Jyodish & Devi
Savitri Simpson

Ananda Village
The meaning of Dreaming

July 2 Herb Freed Bashert
July 9 Mary & Ron Hulnick Remembering the Light Within
July 16 Carl Greer Change the story of your Health
July 23 Nancy Fairbrother You Were Born To Succeed

July 30

Ellen Tadd The Infinite view
August 6 Sarah Elliston Lessons from a Difficult Person
August 13 Jyodish & Devi
Savitri Simpson
Choose the Light 2017