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March 25 7am Brent Marchant The Third Real
March 25 7pm John Jensen We Need a Movement
March 26 1am Thomas Razzeto Living the Paradox of Enlightenment Spiritual Awakening in Simple, Clear English
April 1 7am Derek Rydall The Abundace Project
April 1 7pm Lily Sanders Truth to Triumph
April 2 1am    
April 8 7am Jalaja Bonheim The Magic of Circlework
April 8 7pm    
April 9 1am    
April 15 7am    
April 15 7pm    
April 16 1am    
April 22 7am    
April 22 7pm    
April 23 1am    
April 29 7am    
April 29 7pm    
April 30 1am    
May 6 7am    
May 7 7pm    
May 8 1am    
May 13 7am Mike Murphy The Creation Frequency
May 13 7pm    
May 14 1am