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October 29 7am Peter Panagore Heaven is Beuatiful
October 29 7pm Dove Joans I am Dolphin.mp3
October 30 1am Penny Peirce Trancperincy
November 5 7am Mark Nepo THE WAY UNDER THE WAY
November 5 7pm Daniel Burrus ANticipatory Organization
November 6 1am Dr Kathi Fry What's The Remedy For That?
November 12 7am Carl Johan Calleman The Nine Waves of Creation
The Quantum Evolution of Consciousness
November 12 7pm Barbara Hand Clow Awakening the planetary Mind
November 13 1am Arthur Kanegis The World is My countyr
November 19 7am Deirdre Hade & William Arntz The (not so) Little Book of Surprises
November 19 7pm Barbara Hand Clow Awakening the Planetary Mind: Beyond the Trauma of the Past to a New Era of Creativity
November 20 1am Robert Williams Love is the Power
November 26 7am Roberta Grimes The Fun of Living Together
November 26 7pm Jim Dreaver Folllowing in Freedom
November 27 1am Maureen St Germain Waking up in 5D
December 3 7am Kathy Gruber Conquer Your Stress with Mind/Body Techniques
December 3 7pm Gaurav Bhalla Awakening a Leaders Soul
December 4 1am Joseph Bensmihen Taking your Place at the Table
December 10 7am ACHARYA SHUNYA Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom
December 10 7pm Karen Steil Church of Profitsea
December 11 1am Dr Randall Bell Me We Do Be
December 17 7am Anil Gupta Immediate Happiness
December 17 7pm Mia Tomikawa The Unhappiness Syndrome
December 18 1am Yushi Hagimoto Invincable Thinking
December 24 7am Jonathan Goldman The Humming Effect
December 24 7pm    
December 25 1am    
December 31 7am    
December 31 7pm    
January 1 1am    
January 7 7am    
January 7 7pm    
January 8 1am    
January 14 7am Paul Selig The Book of Truth
January 14 7pm    
January 15 1am    
January 21 7am Lisa Barnett From Questioning to Knowing
January 21 7pm    
January 22 1am    
January 28 7am Jill Matton Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing
January 28 7pm    
January 29 1am    
February 4 7am James Olson How Whole Brain Thinking Can Save The Future
February 4 7pm    
February 5 1am    
February 11 7pm    
February 11 7pm    
February 12 1am