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January 20 7am Joseph Rain The Unfinished Book of Who We Are
January 20 7pm Xanet Pailet Living an Orgasmic Life
January 21 1am Melinda J Kelly Finding Your Coach
January 27 7am Sandra Mendelson We Walk Beside You
January 277pm Darren Marc Create Your Dream Life Now
January 28 1am Jim Phillips The Key to LIF
February 3 7am Bill Gladstone The Vibe app
February 3 7pm Keith MacPherson Making Sense of Mindfulness
February 4 1am    
February 10 7am Gregg Braden Human by Design
February 10 7pm
February 11 7am
February 17 7am Lisa Barnett From Questioning to Knowing
February 17 7pm Dale Atkins & Amanda Salzhauer The KindnessAdvantage
February 18 1am Sylvia Moss Angels in New York
February 24 7am John Adago Ancient Wisdom
February 24 7pm Joan Diver When Spirit Calls
February 25 1am    
March 3 7am Rebecca Whitman How to Make a Six Figure incom working parttime
March 3 7pm Andrea Hylen Heal My Voice
March 4 1am Daniel the Healer  
March 10 7am Michael Kearney The Nest in the Stream
March 10 7pm Julie Rosenberg Beyond the Mat
March 11 1am Mike Bond The drum That Beats Within Us
March 17 7am Mark Edward Pyle Empowering You Transforming Lives
March 17 7pm Lynn Reilly 20 Days to Me
March 18 1am    
March 24 7am Steve Taubman Buddha in the Trenches
March 24 7pm    
March 25 1am