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November 11 7am Dr Ibrahim Jaffe Medical Spiritual Healing
November 11 7pm Alton Pete Life is so Precious
November 12 1am Bill McMillan The Welcome
November 18 7am Sherry Cormier Sweet Sorrow
November 18 7pm David Michael Slater We re Doing it Wrong
November 19 1am Julian & Steve Hyman U Can Save Our World
November 25 7 am Caroline Oceana Ryan Earth Life Challenges
November 25 7pm Kim Chadwell Dripping in Grace
November 26 1am Kurt Koontz A Million Steps
December 2 7am Glenn Parris Dragons Heir
December 2 7pm Mark Gober An End to Upside Down thinking
December 3 1am Joanne DiMaggio Your Soul Remembers
December 9 7am Douglas Vermeeren Personal Power Mastery
December 9 7pm Steve Taylor Spiritual Science
December 10 1am Joan Tabb Building Blocks for the NEW aretirement
December 16 7am Frank Romaro Love and Terror in the Middle East
December 16 7pa Teal Swan The Anatomy of Loneliness
December 17 1am Jenniffer Elizabeth Masters Odyssey
December 23 7am Layne Dalfen Have a Great Dream
December 23 7pm David Peters The 12 Steps to Joy and Happiness
December 24 1 am Dr Dravon James Holiday Happiness
December 30 7am Dr Veronica Anderson But Now I See A Medical Intuitive Surgeon
December 30 7pm Nancy Rynes Awakenings from the Light
December 31 1am    
January 6 7am Stephanie Moore The Gifted Journey
January 6 7 pm Laura Oliver The Story Withing
January 7 1am    
January 13 7am Byron Garrett Motivated For Greatness
January 13 7pm onathan Goldman Healing Sound
January 14 1am    
January 20 7am Joseph Rain The Unfinished Book of Who We Are
January 20 7pm Xanet Pailet Living an Orgasmic Life
January 21 1am    
January 27 7am Sandra Mendelson We Walk Beside You
January 277pm Darren Marc Create Your Dream Life Now
January 28 1am    
February 3 7am Bill Gladstone The Vibe app
February 3 7pm Keith MacPherson Making Sense of Mindfulness
February 4 1am