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May 20 7am Brent Philips Where Science Meets Spirit
The Formula for Miracles
May 20 7pm Ralph Masengill Jr Conquer Change and Win
May 21 1am Michelle Beber Angels Angels Angels everywhere
May 27 7am Maia Duerr Work That Matters
May 27 7pm Robert Atkinson The Story of Our Time
May 28 1am Matt Ginsberg Factor Man
June 3 7am Carol Noonan The Pleiadian Child
June 3 7pm Anna Gatmon PhD Living a Spiritual Life in a Material World
June 4 1am Barbara Biziou The Joy of Ritual.mp3
June 10 7am Dorothy Segovia My Body My Car How to Coach Yourself
Through Lifes little Accidents
June 10 7pm Sara Wiseman Messages from the Divine
June 11 1am John Adago East Meets West
June 17 7am Alysia Helming Protogenesis
June 17 7pm Karen Noe We Consciousness
June 18 1am Vicky Oliver Live Like a Millionaire (Without Having to Be One)
June 24 7am Rita Soman Change the subconscious-change your
June 24 7pm Ellen McDonough Purelightaudio com - Copy
June 25 1am Paul Davids The Life After Death Project
July 1 7am Bishop Ken Giles & Paster Sheila Giles Prayer Marrage and the role of Husbands and Wives
July 1 7pm Sara Wiseman Messages from the Divine
July 2 1am The Happy Science  
July 8 7am Radhule Weininger Heartwork PART 2
July 8 7pm Ariane de Bonvoisin Giggles and Joy
July 9 1am Dr Richard London Private Coaching for Life and Business
July 15 7am Denise Alexander Pyle The Power of 1(0): A Guide to Living the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule in Modern Times
July 15 7pm Christy Whitman Quantum Success
July 16 1am Ariyana Light Atonement
July 22 7am Nomi Bachar Let Your Heart Speak
July 22 7pm Denise Mange Pet Prana
july 23 1am Baptist de Pape The Power of the Heart
July 29 7am Penny Cohen Personal Kabbala
July 29 7pm Dr Marilyn Joyce The stress to Success Formula
July 30 1am Lee McCormick Spirit Recovery Medicine Bag
August 5 7am Bina Shah Before She Sleeps
August 5 7pm Edy Nathan It's Grief
August 6 1am Marie Jones Destiny vs Choice
August 12 7am Dr Dravon James Freedom is your Birthr
August 12 7pm Bina Shah Before She Sleeps
August 13 1am Mark Anthony Evidence of Eternity
August 19 7am Eva Marie Carabello Intuition
August 19 7pm Philip Goldberg The Life of Yogananda
August 20 1am Donna Henes The Queen of My Self
August 26 7am Ora Nadrich The Institute for Transformational Thinking
August 26 7pm Robin Stevens Payes STEM-EDGE OF YESTERDAY
August 27 1am Jeffery Olsen Near Death Experiences
September 2 7am Brian Wilson John E Fetzer and the Quest for the New Age
September 2 7pm    
September 3 1am Linda Emmanuel The Messenger
September 9 7am Sherry Anshara The Anshara Method
September 9 7pm    
September 10 1am